About Us


Being stylish is always an important part of our dogs lives no matter what they get up to, whether they prefer to pose for the camera or run through the mud, our collections have got you covered !


As dog owners ourselves we know the struggle of finding the perfect collection that fits, is stylish and essential for every day.


With the struggle of finding things as stylish as our own dogs we created The Four Paws and our journey began to help pups and their owners find unique designs in all sizes. We strive to make the best possible handmade products that you and your pet will love!


Who are these stylish pups behind the business ? Lilo (4-year-old pug) who is the queen and ruler of all things, full of sass and puppy eyes, and Toby (3-year-old pug) who eats everything he sees and is the master of the puppy eyes. These two are the best of friends and are as thick as thieves.


You can follow our journey over on Facebook and Instagram and show us your pups using #TheFourPawsCreations .
You can follow Lilo and Toby’s adventures here and  here!